About The Gift Doctors

We are The Gift Doctors. It has always brought us joy to see our loved ones smile with the warmth of appreciation bestowed upon them. How does one feel loved? How does one feel cared for? Is it by the amount of money spent? Is it by the thoughtfulness behind a surprise? Each person is different from the other, so what makes you and loved ones happy? That is why we are here. Happiness is free and should not come at a price. Everyone has a right to be happy, so let us spread happiness and love together. We cater to friends, family and especially, that someone special.

The Doctor’s Prescription

Our job is to share that happiness with you and for you, so that those around you feel the love and joy that you bring into their lives. Just like how a good doctor prescribes exactly what you need to feel better, We will write you a prescription, tailor-made to your heart’s requirements. Does this cost you anything? Surprise! The answer is no. Should you desire any specially customised prescriptions, we will do it for you at no extra cost!


How Does It Work?

We want to make things simple. All you have to do is head over to the Services page and submit a request and we will get back to you within the hour! Alternatively, reach out to us via the live chat and one of our highly qualified doctors will be happy to assist you. You may be wondering, what is this going to cost you? Our concept offers our customers free services and recommendations once you have subscribed with The Gift Doctors membership. The only time you will be charged is if you require us to purchase an item or deliver goods on your behalf to a special someone. This too, will NOT BE marked-up.

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Why Us?

In present times, we have noticed a constant struggle to find fresh ideas for dates and gifts in Singapore. When it is time to plan, most people are either busy or unsure of where to look. Yes we can use Google, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. But what do these things require? TIME. To all my finance friends out there, think of the Time Value Of Money and Opportunity Cost. What can we offer you then? Essentially what this membership provides you is an effective time management solution. Leave the planning / researching to us. All you have to do is show up or be notified that everything has been taken care of for you. It is that simple. So what are you waiting for? “Next Patient Please”.